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Prototypes on their way

I’m happy to share that our crazy project of made in France leather goods brand for travelers and lovers of beautiful material is really taking shape seriously! Our prototypes are currently being made by the sewing workshop we selected near Cholet, France. Yoohoo.

I hope you’ll like the bet we made to mix high quality fabrics made in France with the most beautiful European leathers.

High-end material

As announced in Personalised travel bags: 2,000 kms on the roads of France to meet with suppliers, our first two creations – the weekend bag (cabin size) and the travel pouch – will be made out of Indigo fabric and brown leather. The vegetal-tanned leather will acquire a nice patina with time while the anti-stain treated fabrics will remain the same. A real guarantee of quality with high-end material as we like.

You guess it, the weekend bag and the travel pouch will be assorted for the launch. We have a lot of energy to spend but not an illimited amount of money (unfortunately). Each additional colour we would offer will increase drastically the minimum required quantities we have to produce. So we hope you like Indigo and brown and that we’ll encouter success and be able to add new colours very soon!

Quality/Price ratio

It was always unthinkable for us to produce in France with low-quality material. We want to make sure that you’ll get value for money. No crazy margins for us, just what is needed to run the shop. We can’t share the exact retail prices yet as we are waiting for the sewing workshop to confirm the steps required (and therefore the workforce price) after they’re done with the prototypes (but we’ll know next week for sure)!).

You will be able to customise the front panel of your Nils & Emi bag or travel pouch with a beautiful logo or inscription. Or you can opt to leave the products as they are (already veryyyyy beautiful, I know I’m repeating myself!).

Pre-sales launch

We’ll receive the prototypes end of this week and will take nice photos in our beautiful Brittany next Monday! If everything goes according to plan, the pre-sales will launch on April, 18th for 6 weeks in order to make sure our workshop can work on your products in June so that you’ll have them for the summer break (end June, or 1st week of July).

A name for our products?

We are opened to suggestions to name our weekend bag and our travel pouch! We have “Traveler”, “Adventurer” or even “Baroudeur” (which means adventurer in French) but we’d love to hear your suggestions!

Of course, if we ask you, it means we are ready to change 😉 So don’t wait and leave us a comment with you best idea!

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