Nils & Emi: the French brand that thinks about travelers

Nils & Emi, the French brand that thinks about travelers

Did you realise we all have the same travel bags? The big black suitcase below and the smaller version on top. Maybe a backpack for the more adventurous of us. You only have to go to an airport or station to see this austerity parade.

I’m exagerating a little but I’m not too far from the truth. When waiting for our luggage once at destination, we all check the tags of each and every black suitcase cause they alllll look like ours. I’m not even talking about the ugly plastic travel pouch given to us by some travel agency and that we use proudly to store our passports and flight tickets.

13 years of frequent trips…

As an expat (Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia) and therefore serial traveler for more than 13 years now, I have the opportunity to observe this very often. I’m either flying back to France for the holidays or exploring the regions around my expatriation countries.

In 2008, I launched a family travel blog, Petits Globetrotteurs (in French). In the summer 2016, I even published an ebook for parents on the move: the anti-stress pack for traveling families (in French too).

So, I could have stopped there, just taking nice photos during my trips and sharing my good addresses and tips for other families to enjoy traveling but it was without counting on my new passion : sewing. I started sewing more and more leading to the launch of my handmade accessories brand end 2016.

…and a purple pouch later

One day, as I was traveling with a group of friends, one of them teased me when she saw my passport pouch. As a fairly organised lady, I had a big pouch in which I stored the family passports, the flight tickets, the frequent flyer cards as well as our green cards. But this pouch was purple – with no style at all – and I could have sewn something much nicer.

Customised travel bag and passport pouch

A few months later, I made a customised weekend bag with my name on it and a classy passport pouch to go with.

sac week-end personnalisé Nils & Emi

And I fell so proud taking the passport pouch out of my bag at the Air France luggage check-in counter during my last trip!

The two creations are quite successful with my expat friends and I feel it is now time to embrace the entrepreneurial adventure with a big A. I want to use the skills of the fairies from the leather ateliers in France as the “made in France” is also something I cherish.

Available for your summer holidays!

Dare to be unique with Nils & Emi! Of course, to succeed, I need your support traveling and expat friends. I’m now in the cost study phase before the production of “factory-conditions” prototypes and products photo shoot before launching the presales. The target? That you go for your summer holidays with the travel bag, the passport pouch customised with your name or both! I’d like to invite you to leave your email address to be the first to know when we launch the presales.

You can also leave your comments about the products below. All the critics and ideas are good to take.

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