Personalised travel bags: 2,000 kms on the roads of France to meet with suppliers

Nils & Emi nommez notre sac

Made in France target

As some of you may already have noticed, I really want your bags and pouches to be made in France. For ethical reasons but also to save French savoir-faire. When a country is good in a specific field, why would you want to produce somewhere else? Yes, to increase the margins… but a what price?!

Being an expat made me realise that we have a lot of issues in France but that we also excel in some domains. Leather work belongs to this second category.

When hundreds of sewing workshops were present in France until the end of the 1980’s, this number has shrinked considerably today. Some have been bought by prestigious luxury brands that have seen the potential before everybody else.

Many obstacles for the little French designer

Finding a sewing workshop in France when you’re a little designer is not easy. I was surprised by the number of sewing workshops I contacted and that did not even bother to reply emails. Don’t pay for your website hosting fees guys if you don’t need to work 😉 However, many more obstacles are needed to kill my motivation!

After hours of research, emails and phone calls – I had a list of potential suppliers. But I quickly realised that I needed to meet with the men and women who were going to work on your bags and pouches. I have at heart to make this project a success but also a beautiful human experience. Meeting with suppliers, visiting their workshops is therefore an important part of the project and its philosophy.

A plane to France

Two weeks ago, I boarded a plane to France to meet with French fabrics and leather suppliers with one objective in mind: selecting the best products for you.

avion pour la France créatrice Nils & Emi

This business trip was a success. I met with passionate suppliers who took time to share their experience and ideas with me. What a priviledge.

Maybe touched by my effort to meet with them in person and by my passion for the  project, some even went out of their way to help me: workshop visit and explanation of the techniques used, access to all fabrics archives, detailed explanation about leather work. Some of these suppliers work with the most famous French luxury brands and yet, they took time for me (and for you).

atelier cuirs france maroquinerie made in france

After 7 days and 2,000 kms on the roads of France…

The fabrics for the prototypes have been chosen! Fabrics and Jean’s will come from Normandy, leather will be supplied by a company based in Anjou region (Italian leathers) and all will be assembled near Cholet. Last but not least, the bags and pouches personnalisation (add your name or a logo) will be made in Brittany. The sewing workshop already knows what to do and we just have to work on the retail price (maybe what is most interesting for you)!

tissus prototype Nils & Emi sacs maroquinerie made in france tissus prototype Nils & Emi sacs maroquinerie made in france

The prototypes should be ready in the next 10 days. Presales will start mid-April. Yeaaah! I have a dream. Launching a French brand of bags and travel accessories, made in France, is still possible in 2018!

You like the project? You like those first choices of fabrics? Say it in the comment section below: your feedback is super precious!

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